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feedbackheadWe welcome feedback and suggestions.  The form at the bottom of this page can be completed at any time and submitted.


At NCLC we are committed to providing the best quality training for our students.  We ask all students who enrol in an accredited course to complete a learner questionnaire upon completion of their course.  While it is not mandatory that students complete the learner questionnaire it does help us to ensure we continuously improve our courses and services.  The questionnaire is completely anonymous.  Click here to access the learner questionnaire.

Parents and Care givers of students under 18 years

Parents, care givers and/or guardians of young people studying at Narre Community Learning Centre are invited to take part in this survey which seeks your views on the quality of our training. The survey is being conducted to collect feedback from parents, care givers and guardians of students under the age of 18 years on their views about their child’s training experiences and outcomes. The survey outcomes play an important role in developing and delivering training at our centre. Please note that your response is private and confidential. Participation in this survey is highly valued, but voluntary.
Click here to access this survey. 

Employers and Employment Agencies

Sometimes an employer or organisation may arrange for an employee to complete one of our courses.  In some cases an agency may arrange for a client to complete a course with us.  In both of these cases we appreciate feedback.  Click here for the employer questionnaire.

Got an idea for a new course?

At Narre Community Learning Centre we value your ideas and suggestions, please take a moment to suggest a course or activity using the form below:

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