English & Life Skills Classes



This course is the Australian Government’s free program for helping eligible job seekers to improve their language, literacy and maths skills.  Improving these skills will make job seekers more competitive and productive in the job market and able to complete further training.

This program is delivered in partnership with Chisolm Institute, funded by the Department of Industry.

For more information on the following classes, click on the course links below.

Reading, Writing and Communication Skills

Would you like to improve your reading and writing skills.  Is English your second language and you a looking to speaking, listening and other literacy skills.  

This class will help you to learn these skills, which will help with everyday life activities.  

Life Skills for Community Living

Especially for students with disabilities, this class helps people to learn and develop practical reading, writing, maths and basic computer skills for use in the community and everyday life. 

For further information about all of the above courses for 2016 or to arrange an appointment for a pre-course assessment, call Clea Nicol, Literacy Manager, on 9704 738